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Episode Two: Love and Ireland – Pen Pals Podcast
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May 23, 2018

Episode Two: Love and Ireland

I’ll never forget the day we committed to making Ireland come true. After weeks of juggling our options, it was pretty clear we would have to get married if we wanted to make the relocation together. We sat on the couch researching the next available time slot at City Hall to apply for a marriage certificate. It happened to be the next day at 8am.

Getting married seemed to be the least crazy thing we were doing at the time. In a way, an international move neither of us really planned for overshadowed the nuptials a bit. Marry Kyle was always the plan so that bit of things made the most sense. Moving to another country, however, was a decision I never thought we would make together.

Living in Ireland has exceeded all of our expectations. From feeling at home within the first few weeks of being here to making friends we know will last a lifetime, we didn’t expect to feel so welcomed and supported in such a spontaneous leap. Add to that the frequent and affordable travel to the entirety of Western Europe (no matter how much we curse Ryan Air).

This past year has brought us more joy, excitement, adventure, and happiness than we could have hoped. We were able to share the experience with some of our closest family and friends. We haven’t had a chance to talk much about our year living abroad, but clearly, it went well enough that we signed on for another.